The legal side of online gambling in France

France supports different forms of gambling, although their functionality is determined by strict legislation. Those operators wanting to enter the local market must obtain a special license. Online casinos can hardly be the best choice for French players but the Internet has recently become a safer place in terms of gaming options and a variety of bonuses. No wonder that more and more players decide to start the gaming adventure within the comforts of their home instead of visiting lean-based casinos. To learn the most popular casino games, read below.

The most popular casino games

Online casinos are quite new to the French public, but you can still find lots of licensed gambling resources. Here are the most popular gaming options:

  • Slots: Most slot providers have authorization for operations in France. This form of gaming has become the most popular among beginners and experienced gamers.
  • Roulette: The game of roulette was created in France. Thus, French roulette is something both land-based and online casinos cannot exist without. Later on, the new versions of this game were developed such as European and American Roulette.
  • Poker: Online poker used to be incredibly popular until France segregated its market. Also, France closed its casino space for players from other countries. Thus, local players have to look for poker spaces in offshore operators accepting French players.

Before you start your gambling adventure, you need to have an example of a decent online casino. Jackpot City, a reference virtual casino, is a Luxembourgish online casino with a visually attractive design that looks like an online prototype of a real casino in Las Vegas. This gaming resource guarantees high-security measures to its Internet users to increase its trustworthiness. Also, Jackpot City offers plenty of free games for exercising. In the end, gamers will be pleased to have a great selection of mobile games developed by renowned developer Microgaming.

Closing note

Compared to a land-based casino where you should think of proper accommodation, best food, full-time entertainment, and many other things, online casinos provide you with as much comfort as it is only possible. This is where France demonstrates its friendliness. Even though you won’t find slots and roulette in French online casinos, you can still enjoy a wide range of poker games and sports betting, which keep increasing in popularity. While having lots of benefits, you can concentrate on the possible bonuses and rewards.



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