How to Choose the Best Schocks for Your Car?

Shocks are one of the elements of the suspension of the car, affecting its behavior while driving and is closely associated with safe driving. Therefore, if you need to choose the best shocks, focus not on the brand or the price but on the tests and customer's reviews.

Things to Take into Account Choosing Shock Absorbers

First of all, you should pay attention to:

  • Braking distance;
  • Sinking on sharp turns;
  • The ability of shock absorbers to quickly dampen vibrations during the passage of irregularities. The shock resistance is responsible for this.

If you check top rated shocks reviews for Jeep, you'll understand that Bilstein shocks will be a good choice for a fast and sharp ride. But you have to endure the shaking and hard work of the suspension. If you aren't driving fast and prefer comfortable ride, the installation of shock absorbers Monroe is a good idea. For mixed travel styles, a Kayaba installation is recommended.

What to Be Guided with When Choosing Shocks?

Which shock absorbers are better suited for your car depends on the intended purpose, the quality of the roads, the rigidity of the tires and your driving style. Therefore, the same car can keep the road well at speed, but it will shake even on small bumps while another car, which inertly and sluggishly behaves on bends will perfectly hold even deep hollows. The reason is that characteristics of shocks depend on the type.

On the modern market, there are a huge number of companies that produce different types of shocks. Consider a few manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market:

  • Sachs is a German manufacturer of shock absorbers. It delivers schocks to Audi, BMW, SAAB, VW, Volvo plants. Sachs Touring - gas oil or oil shock absorber for a quiet driving style. Sachs Advantage - gas oil shock absorber, slightly tougher than the top. Sachs Unlimited - shock absorber with self-adjusting lift or with a damper that keeps high loads during rebound.
  • Bilstein - also German shock absorbers. Mounted on BMW, Ferrari, MB, Porsche. Bilstein Sport - sports shock absorbers. Bilstein Sprint is the same as Sport, but designed for shorter springs. Bilstein Rally - for sports use, put on cars participating in the rally.
  • Kayaba - Japanese shock absorbers. A very large selection is installed on both Japanese and European cars. KYB Premium - oil dampers, blue box. KYB Super - double tube gas shock absorbers, red box. KYB Gas-A-Just - single-tube gas shock absorbers in white. KYB Ultra SR - sporty gas dampers in metallic gold.
  • Monroe is a Belgian supplier of shock absorbers. Delivers its products to the assembly lines of some factories Porsche, Volkswagen Group, Volvo. Radial-matic - oil damper. Gas-Matic - double-pipe gas-oil shock absorber. Van-Magnum - oil dampers for SUVs and minibuses. Sensa-Trac is a twin-tube gas-oil shock absorber.

There is a little nuance you should take into account. Shocks from one company can work fine for a long time on one car and work bad being used on another car.



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