ISCARS DASH Touring™, Sanctioned by ASA 2012 Race Car Spec Sheet

Click here to download the body measurement sheet (PDF).

100 inches

58 - 59½ inches

Overall Weight:
2500 to 2800 lbs depending on chassis and engine

4 cylinder and 6 cylinder. Holly 500 Carburetor or direct port fuel injection. Forced Induction also permitted. Engine development remains open. Engine must be pre-approved prior to entry.

Up to 400 at the flywheel

Tires and Wheels:
For 2012 - 15" h x 10" wide

All chassis are specific to the complete 2012 ISCARS DASH Touring Rule Book.

Approved Chassis Builders include:
Weaver Chassis - Shelby, NC (704) 484-9395
FNO Race Cars - Concord, NC

ARBodies ISCARS All other makes (Retrofitted New Generation Body)
ARBodies ISCARS Mustang

Ford Mustang
Ford Focus
Chevrolet Cruze
Kia Forte
Honda Accord
Toyota Scion
Dodge Dart

ISCARS Wing Available through Five Star Bodies

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